Configuring your EA Site for sending Text Messages

Requirements Must have a NJEA EA site Must have a Twilio Account created and funded (instructions below) Sections Create Twilio Account Configure EA Site with Twilio Creating Subscription Groups Sending Group Messages from a Mobile Device Create Twilio Account Navigate to Click Sign Up for free Fill in the form by supplying required information Click Start your free trial You will be sent a verification email. Please check your supplied email account and click the verification link provided. After clicking the verification link in email, you will be sent…

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New NJEA Modules Available

California Casualty -- New banner ad for NJEA’s only endorsed home and auto insurance provider. Members who request a quote will get a free $25 Amazon gift card. NEA Member Benefits – New banner ad for NEA Member Benefits to give members easy access to hundreds of nationwide discounts and financial services.

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NJEA Sites Sendy Overview Tutorial

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NJEA Sites Sendy Overview Tutorial This tutorial quickly explains the new NJEA Sites Sendy Email service provided by NJEA.  The NJEA Sites Sendy service is a Mailchimp replacement that simplifies the task of communicating with your members.Video best viewed in full screen mode, enabled by clicking the outward facing arrows found in the bottom right hand of the video.

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Instagram Module Fix

If you currently use the Instagram Module on your local website, you may be seeing an error instead of your photos from Instagram.  In the video below we go over how to resolve this issue by simply removing and adding a new Instagram module.        

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Receive email notification when members register for an event

You now have the ability to be notified when a member RSVPs to your event. In order to activate this for your NJEA Site, just navigate to the WordPress Dashboard and click the Apps menu item. Now that the page has loaded, scroll down until you see The Events Calendar Admin Email application. Click Activate to enable this feature. And that is it, the site admin email address will now be added as a BCC to each RSVP confirmation email that is sent from your NJEA Site.

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Menu – Add a Link To Menu Via Customize

Steps to add a link as a  menu item or sub-menu item are listed below.  The same steps are used for any available content as described in the steps below. Locate and click Customize in the administration top bar From the left hand side select "Menu" Select the menu to which a page (or other content type) will be added.    Once the menu is selected, the next step is to Add Items to the menu The items will appear to the right of the menu. Select Custom Links.  Enter the…

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